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Rihanna-Bosoms Rattled Ulster Farmer

by on 2011/09/27


County Down farmer and politician had stern words for the durty Bajan hoor.

Bangor DUP Alderman Alan Graham asked the 23-year-old singing sensation, Rihanna, to stop filming her new song in his grain field after the brazen slattern bared her alien bosoms.

“I did not know on Friday who was coming, but if the name Rihanna had have been mentioned to me the name would have meant nothing to me.”

Alderman Graham was out in the field in his tractor when he saw the dusky buxom lass disrobe

“It became apparent to me that the situation was becoming inappropriate and I requested them to stop and they did stop. I had my conversation with Rihanna regarding that and I hope she understands where I’m coming from and we shook hands and we parted company on good enough terms.”

Good Man! Ulster says “NO!” to foreign slatterns.

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