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Damick: “τον φοβον των ιουδαιων”

by on 2012/08/24

“τον φοβον των ιουδαιων”



卍巴 August 24, 2012 5:31 pm

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In your “Orthodoxy & Heterdoxy” lectures you err in a number of points.

You state that the Pentateuch is called the “Torah” by Jews, which it is — but you stated that as if Torah and Pentateuch as synonymous for Jews (and those who call themselves Jews, the majority of whom have no connection to Israel except for following the words and traditions of man that Jesus Christ condemned). They are not synonymous.

The Jew has many Torah. Torah includes the Pentateuch, and other books of the Tanakh (Masoretic Anti-Christian “Bible”), and the Talmuds and their oral predecessors.

The Jew claims that God (or “G-d”) gave Moses TWO Torahs — the “Torah she-bi-khtav” (Written Torah, for the easily deluded masses), and the secret “Torah she-be-`al peh” (Oral Torah), which was eventually codified in the Pharisees’ Talmudic text of Babylon and of Palestine.

And the content of the Babylonian Talmud in particular gives the lie to your repeated statements that “Jews are closest to Christians”, “Orthodox Christianity is closest to Judaism of all other religions” etc.

Orthodoxy is only “close” to The Jew’s post-Christian cult in the sense that it is the most contrary to Christianity — that it is a negation of Christianity — that it is the most Anti-Christian cult.

You don’t have any problem in your lectures ridiculing (and rightly so) the idiocicies of Moonies and Scientologists and others. You have no problem raising (correctly) “the problem of Islam” — even mentioning such things as “suicide bombers”, and Muslim militancy, and so on.

Why then do you make Jews appear somehow compatible with Orthdoxy?

You do not mention how in The Talmud Jews:

* Boast that Rabbis (Pharisses) can and have outvoted God (“G-d”)

* Gloat that Jesus is boiling in sh£t and sperm for eternity while being perpetually strangled to death

* Boast that they killed our Lord and Saviour

* Claim that the Theotokos was a wh@re who mated with the best man at her wedding, while in “niddah” (menstruating) and thereby conceived Jesus

I have been told that you are a founder and editor of OrthodoxWiki. I see there is no entry on “Talmud” there. But in the entry on Revelation/Apocalypse, I read that,

“As much as 90% of Revelation’s text is borrowed from previous Jewish texts, the Talmud, and is often reframed.”


I wonder what it is about you that makes you qualified to even discuss Orthodoxy or Hetereodoxy?

I would say you suffer from “τον φοβον των ιουδαιων”.

卍巴 August 24, 2012 6:31 pm

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What’s the point of complaining about the fact that the vast majority of what are called “christians” in the USA are heretics or don’t even bear any relationhip to real Christianity, without mentioning that they are products of the Jew-Masonic culture, and the media owned almost entirely by The Jew, and the 1/3 openly Jew Supreme Court, and the Jewed schools and universities, jew cetera?

What’s the point of mentioning “dispensationalism”, “end times” “left behind” etc, without mentioning they are the work of The Jew?

卍巴 August 24, 2012 7:39 pm

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You said that U2 are a favourite band of yours, and that they are Christians, with Christian content.

They are deeply Anti-Christ.

Common Bono Lyric/Chant: “Jesus, Abraham, Muhammad — it’s true! Jesus, Buddha Muhammad they’re true!”

In the U2 joint autobio, Bono says he believes and hopes that he is Jew.

The Edge married a Jewess in a Jew ceremony.

They are both Zionists, Masonic, Globalists.

卍巴 August 24, 2012 8:09 pm

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The Oral Torah comprises the legal and interpretative traditions that, according to tradition, were transmitted orally from Mount Sinai, and were not written in the Torah. According to Rabbinic Judaism, the oral Torah, oral Law, or oral tradition (Hebrew: תורה שבעל פה, Torah she-be-`al peh) was given by God orally to Moses in conjunction with the written Torah (Hebrew: תורה שבכתב, Torah she-bi-khtav), after which it was passed down orally through the ages. Later to be codified and written in the Talmud (Hebrew :תַּלְמוּד ). While other cultures and Jewish groups maintained oral traditions, only the Rabbis gave ideological significance to the fact that they transmitted their tradition orally.

Rabbis of the Talmudic era conceived of the Oral Torah in two distinct ways. First, Rabbinic tradition conceived of the Oral Torah as an unbroken chain of transmission. The distinctive feature of this view was that Oral Torah was “conveyed by word of mouth and memorized.” Second, the Rabbis also conceived of the Oral Torah as an interpretive tradition, and not merely as memorized traditions. In this view, the written Torah was seen as containing many levels of interpretation. It was left to later generations, who were steeped in the oral tradition of interpretation to discover those (“hidden”) interpretations not revealed by Moses. According to many, the “oral Torah” was ultimately recorded in the Mishnah, the Talmud and Midrash.

He broadcasts on “Ancient Faith Radio”, managed by Jew Kevin Allen

One Comment
  1. “Orthodox Father” Damick has no problem with Atheists and Anti-Christs prattling on endlessly in the Comments section there, but won’t have anything bad said about his precious Kikes and their Satanic Talmud/”Torah”.

    e.g.: Keith: “Aquinas, Luther and Calvin aren’t “Christians who said bad things”, or people outside the mainstream of religious thought that can be reasonably ignored. Those men are the best you’ve ever had. If anybody in Christian religious tradition could have demonstrated access to god and the timeless truths that religion professes, they are the ones. If the best you have to offer cannot demonstrate god or those truths, it’s unlikely the church today is going to do better.”

    Kosher comment that, but don’t dare mention Kikery!


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